27 Aug


The final lap of Idoma’s Got Talent took place in Makurdi the capital city of Benue state last weekend, August 24th 2013 at the prestigious Symbols Plaza. Over 3000 people from across the state came to try out their luck in the search for the most talented IDOMA man or woman.

Benue state is nicknamed the food basket of the nation, but this time the people came out to show other talents including dance, drama, sewing, comedy, ball juggling, singing and magic.


The executive producer of the show Prince Edwin Ochai hailed the contestants and adjudged them as winners in their own rights. He also asked those who failed to move to the next stage of the competition to prepare for the next edition as the prize money will double and more incentives will be added.

The panel of judges was an array of celebrities including Joseph Igomu aka Spitz, Ruth Agbo (Miss benue), Samson Ada Akor, Rose O. Ominyi aka Rozy Hot, Ene Ojonya Ochoga and Mr Isaac of media works. The producer, DH ADOYI Ogwuche, kaduna based artiste and entertainment consultant assisted by Modella Jack Ode and mC  Oche Smart held it down for 8hrs while the judges drilled each contestant.


Comrade James Oche who is the coordinator of AGILA CARNIVAL was full of praises for all the volunteers that came out to support the vision. He was particularly thankful to portharcourt based VJ miss Ugochi Aduwa and Blessing Ogwuche a one time miss Idoma queen for their professionalism on the red carpet and providing footage and vox pop of makurdi.


Next on the calendar is the registration for FACE OF IDOMA which will commence in a couple of days.


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